Mawande Ka Zenzile, Stevenson Gallery-Cape Town


29/05>12/07 2014

All Hell Break Loose, 2014

All Hell Break Loose, 2014


On 29th May opens at Stevenson Gallery in Cape Mawande Ka Zenzile’s exhibition. Ka Zenzile writes:

My work draws attention to history, politics, colonialism, slavery and migration/immigration. I explore how culture, commerce and institutionalised power determine (or dictate) our lived experience. I’m interested in the rise and fall of ideological, political and cultural systems – those that dictate or those that succumb. In my time I have witnessed the falling of the ‘twin towers’, the lynching of Saddam Hussein, the assassination/execution of Osama Bin Ladin, conflict in the Arabic nations (Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Pakistan, and so on), and the current tension between Russia and Ukraine, the US and other European nations/superpowers.

The ship suggests the theme of travel and slavery:

The Ship of Fools, 2014

The Ship of Fools, 2014

Ka Zenzile was born in Lady Frere, Eastern Cape, in 1986. He lives and study in Cape Town. Mawande Ka Zenzile is an multidisciplinaryartist. His working includes painting, sculpture, performance art, video art, photography, mixed medium and installations.

 Honoring the Flag, 2014

Honoring the Flag, 2014

Inqawe series, 2013

Inqawe series, 2013


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