Gerald Machona, Vabvakure (People from Far Away), Johannesburg Gallery


05/06>05/07 2014


Gerald Machona, Still from ‘People from Far Away’, HD Projection, 15 minutes

On 5th June has opened Gerard Machona’s solo exhibition called Vabvakure (People from Far Away) at Johannesburg Gallery.

Gerald Machona was born in Zimbabwe. He’s an contemporary visual artist. He works with sculpture, performance, new media, photography and film, and the most notable aspect of his work is his innovative use of currency—particularly decommissioned Zimbabwean dollars—as an aesthetic material.


Performance by Gerald Machona Museumsstrasse, Zentrum Paul Klee. Foto: David Röthlisberger

Make it rain, 2010

Make it rain, 2010

His artwork reflects his interest in contemporary social and political themes like migration, integration and xenophobia. He has participated in group exhibitions such as Making way at the Standard Bank Art Gallery, Johannesburg (2013), The Night Show, Goodman Gallery, Cape Town (2011); The Geography of Somewhere, Stevenson Gallery in Johannesburg (2011); and US II, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa (2010). Machona is also a recipient of a Mellon scholarship and is a member of the Visual and Performing Arts of Africa research group at Rhodes University.

For more info about G. Machona:

For more info about the exhibition:











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