Gonçalo Mabunda, masks and thrones

Gonçalo Mabunda was born in 1975 in Maputo, Mozambique. He lives and works in Mozambique. He’s interested in the collective memory of his country, which has only recently emerged from a long and terrible civil war.

His work reflect this memory, in fact he uses rocket lauchers, pistols and other object for create masks with anthropomorphic forms.




His work, with these form, with spiky corners and plastic lines remind us the Expressionists’s lines of many artists of the past century.

The masks, in the commom imaginary, represent a traditional form of african art, that the artist uses, with a modern lines, for talk to us in the present.


Mabunda is most well known for his thrones. The throne represent power in the african symbol’s world.

His work has been exhibited at Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf, Hayward Gallery, London, Pompidou, Paris, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo and the Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg among others. His work was included in Caught in the Crossfire, a recent group exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, UK.






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