Joana Choumali, visual artist

Joana Choumali was born in 1974 in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire). She is an Ivorian freelance photographer based in Abidjan. She studied Graphic Arts in Casablanca (Morocco) and worked as an Art Director for McCann-Erickson, Abidjan before embarking on her photography career.

Here her last work called: “ Hââbré, the last generation” (Hââbré means “writing” and “scarification” in Kô language from Burkina Faso). This work invites us to reflect about african identity among tradition and modernism.



This practice is disappearing to the pressure of religious and state authorities, urban practices and the introduction of clothing in tribes. In many villages, only the older people wear scarifications. Scarification is the practice of performing a superficial incision in the human skin. Scarification has an ancient origin. It is common practice in Africa, where it replaced tattoos that show poorly on dark skin. Social scarification is of particular significance, as a ritual of passage to adulthood..




– Goethe Institute Abidjan, biannual festival “les Rencontres du Sud”, plastic serie “Birth”, Oct 2000
-“ Petite revue de l’art moderne et contemporain de Côte d’Ivoire ” An exhibition of contemporary Ivorian art organized by the Rotonde des Arts Gallery, documentary serie ‘Ces Invisibles’ September 2011
– “Bicici, Amie des Arts” in Abidjan, documentary serie ‘Ces Invisibles’ , October 2011
– Eureka Gallery, Abidjan exhibition plastic serie « Nappy », December 2011- january 2012
– “OFA 2012 Olympics of Arts” London Olympic games, Fine Arts serie “Nappy” London, June 2012.
– Slideshow “On the Roof “, National Museum Cinémathèque of Bamako biannual, Bamako Photography festival, documentary serie ‘Ces Invisibles’ Nov 2012
-International school Jules Verne, documentary serie “Instants de vie” , Abidjan, June 2012
-”Bicici, Amie des Arts” Abidjan, série plastique ‘Akan’ Sept 2012
– Photography Festival.” l’Emoi photographique” Espace Franquin Série plastique “Nappy”, Angoulême May 2013
– Private exhibition ASCOMA Company, Abidjan Fine Arts serie “Emotions à nu”, Abidjan October / Décember 2013
– Photography Festival.” l’Emoi photographique”Série plastique “Hââbré*,the last génération””,Hotel Saint Simon Angoulême April_may 2014

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