Jamilla Okubo

Jamilla Okubo is a multidipliscinary jonge artist, she’s a painter, designer and an illustrator. She is currently studying Integrated Fashion Design at Parsons the New School for Design. Jamilla Okubo, is an African-American/Kenyan artist native from Washington, D.C. All her work is influeced by her African roots and appreciation of black culture. Her work tell us about her story, her life and history.


We the people to the Diaspora series, 2013

Her culture is the mainly source of inspiration, like African prints and fashion and also the way African Americans carry themselves in general. She’s interested in the social issues surrounding the history of African Americans. She’s really obsessed with patterns, she creates solo geometric graphic composition and usually mixed patterns with painting. She represented often black women in a graphic and elementary silhouette with colored patterns on their dresses. She uses mainly acrylic on canvas.


We the people to the Diaspora series, 2013


We the people to the Diaspora series, 2013

Her uses powerful colors. She said: “I’m just obsessed with color. I think it reflects my personality. I really like to be happy all the time. When I create I feel like color is important, it gives life! I feel like you wont understand my prints until they have color”.


Jamilla Okubo, 2013


Textiles & Paintings


Textiles & Paintings


For more info: http://cargocollective.com/JamillaOkuboart

Pinterest: http://it.pinterest.com/AfricanArtNow/jamilla-okubo/


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