Ralhi, outsider africa

Ralhi (nickname for “Big Father”) real name Aouam Abdelarrazzak, was born in Khoribga, Morocco. First he worked as a mechanic but some unfortunate circumstances led him to drug use. In this period he started drawing like only an hobby.


He’s considered an outsider artist. “Outsider Art” is term coined by Roger Cardinal in 1972 to describe art created outside the boundaries of official of traditional culture. Outsider Art acquires “Art Brut” heritage, category created by Jean Dubuffet in 1945 to illustrate artistic productions of self-taught or patients of asylums, outside the conventional aesthetic standards.

For more info: http://www.outsiderartnow.com/



His uses blue or black pens for creates articulated composition with antrophomorfic elements. The elements are totaly colored with thick lines. In this way he reflects his interior world in an non-tradional mode.



For more info:



Pinterest: http://it.pinterest.com/AfricanArtNow/outsider-art-from-africa/pins/


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