Ibrahim Mahama, conceptual artist

Ibrahim Mahama was born in 1987, Tamale, Ghana. He lives and works in Tamale, Ghana. He’s a conceptual artist who used discarded materials for create his installation. In his work he uses mainly jute sacks imported by the Ghana Cocoa Board. He works mainly in open space, he usually covers place or building with a particular symbolic meaning. His work is like long tissues assembling jute sacks, which present patches, markings and traces of traders’ names and locations on their rough brown skin, which map out the many transits they endure as vessels of commodities. Sometimes Ibrahim decoreted them.


Untitled, 2013


Untitled, 2013

His creations have a social-politic value. He invite the viewers to reflect about the orig of goods and what is hidden behind the surface. Ibrahim describes art as an inherent complex phenomenon and for him getting confused as a cursory onlooker is another way of contributing to the creative work ‘because you are causing them to think much more deeply about things that they wouldn’t have felt deeply about. His represented by Saatchi Gallery. 


Untitled, 2013

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Pinterest: http://it.pinterest.com/AfricanArtNow/ibrahim-mahama/


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