Steve Bandoma, Congolese visual artist

Steve Bandoma was born in 1981. He’s from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Steve Bandoma is graduated in Fine Arts in Kinshasa. In his artwork he uses mainly watercolour, ink and collage on paper with whome creates a new dynamic iconography. He uses found objects and selects pictures from fashion magazines. His portratits’ re dynamic composition in which he reflects about the caos of daily life.


Mental Slavery, 2012


Pain (Triptych), 2012

Bandoma describes his work as recycling found objects, appropriating imagery from contemporary advertising and magazines, in order ‘to breathe new life into them’. His representations are sometimes crude, like in the Triptyc, Pain. Another interesting work is Colonized in which the artist reflects about the post-colonial age and creates an monstrous figure with anthropomorphic elements.  His work has been acquired by the CAAC Pigozzi Collection, Geneva, and exhibited at Museum Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Colonized, 2012


From the Series Cassius Clay


From the Series Vanity, 2012

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