Andries Botha

Andries Botha was born in 1952, Durban (South-Africa). He lives and works in Durban. Andries Botha is an sculptor and human rights activist. Botha’s activism includes such work as Bheka Phambile, a 1994 collaboration with Sam Ntshangase to create a skills-based creative training program for women. In 1999, he founded Create Africa South, a nongovernmental organization committed to promote creativity in South Africa. In 2001, Botha conceptualized a creative memory project committed to developing economic autonomy for black South African women.


Antwerpen, 2007

Graduating from the University of Natal in the 1970’s, he won several awards including the Volkskas Atelier Merit Award in 1987, the Cape Town Triennial Merit (1988), the Standard Bank Young Artist Award (1990) and the National Vita Art Award (1992). His artwork reflects his civil engagement and his ideas about power, migration, colonialism..As a sculptor he’s best konwn for his elephants. Sculptures and installation at the same time, this work reflect Botha’s sensibility. He uses mainly wood, metal and rocks for create his work.




Elephants, detail



Apart from exhibitions in his home country, he has exhibited extensively internationally, including: Oslo and Stavanger Norway, Durban, George, Cape Town, South Africa, Amsterdam, Rotterdam,The Hague and Maastricht Holland, Merida and Mexico City Mexico, De Penne, Antwerp and Terveren Belgium, St Brieuc and Marseilles, France, Gwalior, India; Las Palmas, Canary Islands.Chicago,Fayetteville, Bozeman,El Paso, Detroit USA, Dusseldorf Germany, Lisbon Portugal, Albisola and Venice Italy, Santander Spain, Reykjavik, Iceland, Senegal and Abijan Africa, Bath, UK among others.

For more information on Andries’ work:



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